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My Hand Is Your Hand Is My Hand

Mobius Art Tour

Migration and Exile

  Perfect to Whom the Entire World is a Foreign Land      Watch the live stream from Sep 22:  


  Supported by       Photos: copyright MOBILISTAN 2021  

Material Replacement Zurich Istanbul

The “Material” is a project of a non-profit association Verein Klinge23, founded by, both, publishers and artists. Located in Zurich, serves as a venue for…

Atatürk Oto Sanayı Sitesi

  Atatürk Oto Sanayı Sitesi is a huge industrial area for the car producing industries and businesses in the North of Istanbul close to the…

OnstOn: Tales of Love and Hate

  OnstOn - Can Yeşiloğlu was born in 1981 in Izmir, a Mediterranean city exposed to lots of migration movements throughout history until today. A…

Mahalla Festival on The Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair

  Mahalla is a traveling Festival of Contemporary Art, Music, Theatre, Film and Literature. The Photographers Yasın Baran, Mehmet Kaçmaz and Che Seibert are representing…

Longing For Safe Spaces

  No later than one week ago I was standing in the queue of the KitKatClub in Berlin, not waiting for my turn to enter…