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All Jewish

All Jewish


Mobius Art Tour

Migration and Exile

  Perfect to Whom the Entire World is a Foreign Land      Watch the live stream from Sep 22:  


  Supported by       Photos: copyright MOBILISTAN 2021  

Material Replacement Zurich Istanbul

The “Material” is a project of a non-profit association Verein Klinge23, founded by, both, publishers and artists. Located in Zurich, serves as a venue for…

Atatürk Oto Sanayı Sitesi

  Atatürk Oto Sanayı Sitesi is a huge industrial area for the car producing industries and businesses in the North of Istanbul close to the…

OnstOn: Tales of Love and Hate

  OnstOn - Can Yeşiloğlu was born in 1981 in Izmir, a Mediterranean city exposed to lots of migration movements throughout history until today. A…

Mahalla Festival on The Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair

  Mahalla is a traveling Festival of Contemporary Art, Music, Theatre, Film and Literature. The Photographers Yasın Baran, Mehmet Kaçmaz and Che Seibert are representing…