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Generating New Narratives
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      Director of Villa Romana

        Filmmaker and Secretary General, diyalog

          Curator, Researcher

            Filmmaker, Curator

              Bjørn Melhus
              Artist, Filmmaker


              [ PROGRAMS ]

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              11:00 am

              Artists in Exile

              Three artists from different backgrounds, different places and different disciplines will present their artwork in the frame of the Mahalla festival at Contemporary Istanbul 2017. All three have met and worked together since 2014, in Istanbul, at the art cooperative Arthere. The works shown might or might not reflect these feelings and how they have been affected by migration, war, hope and life. Participating artists: Omar Berakdar - Syria/Turkey, Ali Omar - Syria/Turkey, Gülsün Öykü Dogan - Turkey September 14 - 17

              6:00 pm


              Exposed to war and violence in different ways, the four participating artists of Artists at Risk program tell stories of migration, war and resistance as witnesses. Artists: Issa Touma, Erkan Özgen, Pınar Öğrenci and Chto Delat. Curated by Perpetuum Mobile, in the frame of Artists at Risk programme.

              11:00 am

              Fondaco Futuro

              Nation25 examines the model of Fondaco, born in the X century, in its historical sense of a place of accommodation and exchange of goods for the different cultures bordering on the Mediterranean. The fondaco is a tool for reflecting on the first relationships between foreign communities, and their cultural and economic dynamics, in the Mediterranean area.

              Elena Abbiatici and Sara Alberani are going to examine the Büyük Valide Han in Istanbul as an example for the Ottoman style.

              11:00 am

              Borders, Mobility and Cultural Identity

              with Iris Andraschek / Hubert Lobnig, Austria, Pınar Öğrenci, Turkey, Omar Berakdar Syria, Theo Eshetu, Germany, Samah Hijawi, Belgium, Costa Vece, Switzerland. How can Art cope with topics like borders, homeland and cultural identity? Seven Artists are presenting examples of their works. Sharing perspectives, comparing methods and developing new assumptions regarding artistic practices is the main topic of this panel.

              3:00 pm

              Re-telling the same old: writing virtual environments

              A Presentation and talk by Glen Calleja - Malta at SALT Auditorium, September 19, 3:00 pm after the talk IR-RAĠEL – (The Man: a floating book) a performance by Glen Calleja at the Golden Horn in Karaköy next to the Üsküdar ferry boat stop 5 minutes from SALT by foot.

              5:00 pm

              Island 36 by Asli Özarslan

              Film screening of Insel 36 (Island36), a documentary about refugee protests in Berlin. For more than one year asylum seekers lived in tents on Oranienplatz to take a stand against isolation enforced upon them by German laws.

              6:30 pm

              Love Boat by Nawar Bulbul

              At the Mahalla Festival we will screen a documentary about his third theatrical project “Love Boat” working with Syrian refugees in Jordan. After the screening will be a talk and discussion with Nawar Bulbul about his work and a cocktail. Sponsored by the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation.

              11:00 am

              Mobility and Cultural Practice

              with Maren Richter, Austria, Lanna Idriss, Germany Angelika Stepken, Italy/Germany, Ahmed Bugri, Malta, Sabine Küper, Turkey/Germany, Asena Günal, Turkey, Morten Goll, Denmark. What kind of tasks are NGO’s, Institutions, Curators facing? There is a big need for solidarity and a search for a new identity understanding in a trembling world. Different players out of the cultural and social field are presenting their strategies regarding topics like migration, borders, mobility, and identity. In this Panel we are comparing methods and search for synergies and common strategies for the future.

              6:00 pm

              Eyes Wide Open

              Short Movies about migration selected by Villa Romana, Italy, after the screening discussion and cocktail

              9:30 pm

              Rabih Beaini

              The Lebanese-born and Berlin-based artist RABIH BEAINI is not only a skilled DJ, cherished electronic music producer and head of the influential Morphine label, but also an avid collaborator always keen on finding a common language with other artists.

              11:00 am

              Perspectives and Duties

              with Marita Muukkonen / Ivor Stodolsky Greece/Finland, Ulaş Sunata, Turkey, Thomas Büsch – Germany/Turkey, Tanja Knaus, Germany. How are the experiences of NGO’s and Institutions with public funding and networking? Are there frames forcing them in certain directions? Which are there visions for their future work? Which strategies have to be followed? Which kind of cooperation possibilities do exist?

              3:00 pm

              Exploring the Fondaci

              Presentation of the research Nation 25 did in Istanbul regarding the Turkish Han or Funduq as location for hosting.

              6:00 pm

              Minister by Fide Dayo

              This feature movie by Italian, Nigerian filmmaker Fide Dayo is a fictional comedy about the assignment of an African immigrant to the immigration minister in Italy. The film shows the power of a woman who’s aim is to change for hope in social issues: in a moment of prejudice, racial discrimination, the difficulties of integration, the complexity of reconciling professional and policy achievement with the family affection, the violence of power, labor rights and the housing emergency. Fide Dayo will discuss about the movie after the screening with a cocktail at the Italien cultural Institut.

              6:00 pm

              Archive of Migrant Memories

              with Gianluca Gatta, Naples about the work of the Archive of Migrant Memories in Rome

              7:00 pm

              Manifesto - Cultural Identity in Exile

              Final session

              8:00 pm

              Final session of the week

              5:00 pm

              New Istanbul Dream and Center of the World

              Two Art-Video-Works by Kamen Stoyanov, Austria/Bulgaria and Katharina Swoboda, Austria

              7:00 pm


              I split myself to be equal, Sherine Anis (Austria/Egypt). Entrance Hall. – The loose power, İbrahim Koç (Turkey) Two artists are showing sculptural art works in the space of the Consulate General of Austria in Yeniköy.

              [ CHOOSE YOUR PLAN ]

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              [ OUR BLOG ]

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              Sep 2019

              Mahalla at Contemporary Istanbul

                  The Mahalla Festival is participating at the Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair (11.-15. September 2019) with three young female artists: Nora Byrne, Pınar Derin Gençer,…

              Aug 2019

              The Wandering Tower by Sergej Prokofjev

              I Marcel Vautour was definitely a remarkable man.  His name was well known in the educated circles of Paris. Perhaps some scholars, especially the ones…

              Feb 2019

              Antonio Cosentino, a portable mind

              Carrying the art work from Istanbul to Malta on the plane was part of the concept. The Vintage suitcase had been bought from a flee…


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