Artist, Curator and Founder of Fragmenta
BETTINA HUTSCHEK is a visual artist and videographer who lives and works in Berlin and Valletta. She will be Artist-in-Residence in Istanbul 2018 of the residency program by the Berlin Senat.   She was co-curator of the Maltese pavilion at the Venice Art Biennial 2017. She is founder of the platform Fragmenta which takes also place within the frame of Valletta European Capital of Culture 2018. Fragmenta is presenting since 2013 contemporary art in the form of pop-up exhibitions in public or semi-public spaces on the Maltese Islands.   Her new video-project Aljotta is an artistic reflection about the situation of refugees and the inscription of their presence into collective memory. In form of a poetic narrative, the film presents events on a fictitious island: drowned refugees are eaten by fish, which in turn get fished and consumed by the islands inhabitants. By way of eating their famous fish soup Aljotta, refugee’s memories penetrate the islander’s bodies, and they surprise themselves by showing different behaviors and memories, becoming unwilling witnesses of a surreal process of memory transfer.