COSTA VECE is son of Italian-Greek parents in Switzerland, became internationally known by his participation at the Venice Biennial in 1999. His works raise questions about the possibility of homeland and cultural identity, speak of social exclusion and existential homelessness. With simple, found materials and everyday objects, he builds inaccessible and barricaded places, which partly exclude the exhibition visitors and passers-by, or give them a feeling of it. Like temporary camps, these structures are pushed into the room and show a resisting picture with their wall-images and slogans, the flags and the barbed wire. Costa Vece’s installations are the high degree of intensity, an almost immediate confrontation with existential-emotional questions and corresponding refractions in aesthetics. On his installations, he projects film sequences, which have been particularly impressed by his intensity. He shows us worlds full of intimacy, memory and longing, but the social utopias in his work are breaking shipwrecks. Costa Vece designs end-time visions of political violence and shows us the repellent facades of political staging.