THEO ESHETU was born in London and grew up in Addis Ababa, Dakar, and Belgrade, before settling in Rome, where he received his first camera aged 10.   His focus on video’s expressive potential and his exploration of African cultures led to experimentation—ritualistic, raw, and unpolished—outside the established art world of the 1980s. Eshetu explores perception, culture, and notions of the sacred through electronic time-based media and optical devices and effects. Eshetu participated into documenta 14 and is Artist-in-Residence of Tarabya Cultural Academy 2017.   Focusing in recent years primarily on video installation, works like Veiled Woman on a Beachfront (2011) and The Festival of Sacrifice (2102) focus on reading the role of Islamic art and the greater social political implications of a dialogue with the world of Islam as a basis for a contemporary art practice.