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Beret Hamann: Quarantine Days in Turkey

Beret Hamann: Quarantine Days in Turkey

    Quarantine From Artistic Eye "I'm curious by nature and like it to get to the bottom of things. This is also the case…

Let’s Talk: Artistic practice in pandemic times

Dec 2020
Public Live ZOOM Conference Artistic practice in pandemic times. Challenges and prospects.

Walking a City I Have Never Visited

  Sunday 20.12.2020, 5pm (7pm Istanbul Time), ZOOM   Visit the virtual space at:   Join us on board of the Mahalla Festival 2020…

Displacement Under the Pandemic:

  2020-2021 Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival   Due to the pandemic, the yearly-run Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival in Cyprus has launched its online…

Searching Traces

  Community Video Workshop   Within the Mahalla Festival in times of COVID-19 we are organizing under the title Searching Traces a community video workshop…

Maltarti TV 2020

  Interview for Maltese TV with Sabine Küper-Büsch and Thomas Büsch about the Mahalla Festival, the Community Video Workshop and how to cope with the…

African Diaspora Cinema online

The Faith of Festivals in Times of COVID-19   Already in its fourth year, the African Diaspora Cinema Festival (ACDF) was originally scheduled to run…

The Barn – A Reflection of the Present

  Since May 20, 2020, the Berlin based Meyer Riegger Gallery is presenting the work of painter and installation artist Franz Ackermann entitled "Die Scheune/The…

Istanbul during Covid-19 Pandemic

  Seen by the Turkish photographer Yasin Baran   For Yasin Baran the pandemic times have been a moment to observe and approach his environment…

Walking a City I Have Never Visited

  Artist in residence in times of COVID-19: Learn how the artist NOT in residence in Istanbul - Wilhelm Scherübl - is dealing with the…