David Siegel
David Siegel is the creator of "Dr. Machina" - A pop art comic universe generated with artificial intelligence applications. Single-panels comics and full stories parody contempory techno-culture. "POP-AI" - Looping videos of a subverted "Popeye the Sailorman" named "Popai." The processing with artificial intelligence applications provide a framework for misadventures and cultural critique.
For the Mahalla Festival the American artist shows the animated video Refugees Welcome a rebuke of the shift in policy and sentiment regarding refugees in Europe. Inspired by the accounts of refugees who have been repeatedly beaten by border officials, disguised in the public “welcome” sign is, in fact, the physical violence and rejection of a “gruesome closure.” The transformation to the sign parallels a subverted Popeye the Sailorman. Widely regarded as a hero, an “every-man,” and a bully fighter, the looping video illustrates a grim circumstance where such a figure has changed into a violent and mechanical assailant of people in need.