Güneş Terkol
Güneş Terkol lives in Istanbul. With black outlines formed by needlework, or by drawing directly onto cloth, Güneş Terkol creates figures of ambiguous space and time. With animal-like human figures, or figures that have been removed from their context or drawn from the artist’s past and imagination, she creates stories with no beginning or end. The ambiguous borders of her works invite the viewer to shed his/her passive stance to assume the role of the narrator.

For the Mahalla festival the artist chose curtains patterned with an ivy to be installed under the title Whispering Tulle in the Mahalla Share House in Fortress Builders. Different associations arise: The fairytale of a sleeping beauty shielded by a thorny ivy around a castle, the vegetation proliferating polluted parts of the Mediterranean Sea, the fruitful growth of an idealistic idea. In the Palazzo the roundelay of mysterious couples is corresponding with an abundant home that has been used in very different ways in the past. As a home, as a police-station and as s storage. And as soon as the wind blows through the unshielded windows the tulle starts to move the imagery. The roundelay starts and is blown in different directions like the memories and tales of the people that once have lived here.