Lilian Pithan
Writer, Journalist
Lilian Pithan is a Berlin-based freelance journalist and translator. Her work has appeared in various German and European media outlets, among them Goethe Institute Magazine, ParisBerlin, and Cafebabel. She currently works as deputy chief editor of the Arabic-German culture magazine FANN which she co-founded with Ramy Al-Asheq in December 2017. Lilian has devised and coordinated several successful interdisciplinary reporting projects, such as “Alphabet of Arrival” for the German Comics Association, introducing comics journalism to Germany. In an effort to explore the potentials of graphic forms of journalism, she co-curated the exhibition “Drawing the Times” at the 18th International Comics Salon Erlangen 2018. Besides, Lilian works as a literary translator and as a curator for the Arabic-German Literature Days Berlin.
FANN (Arabic for 'art') is an Arabic-German online magazine covering arts and politics. It was founded in December 2017 by Ramy Al-Asheq (Syrian-Palestinian poet and journalist) and Lilian Pithan (German journalist and translator). By creating a platform for intellectuals and artists from Arabic- and German-speaking countries, the magazine aims to throw the spotlight on the intersection between artistic work and political topics.