Mario Sammut
Artist, Sculptor
Humanity in Forms is a title often used for the artists sculptures. His works highlight the human condition: focusing especially on sentiment and relationship. The androgynous figures are quiet and simple, gender remains elusive. The art works Journey of Hope and Spirits of the Waves assemble a group of figures, who unite in a spiritual mission. The affinity of the figures to each other underlines their delegation. In the artists own words:
Journey of Hope,
A ceramic sculpture depicting a group of migrants huddled in a small boat crossing the Mediterranean Sea in search of a possible better future. Some of them make it, others are not so lucky.” Spirits of the Waves "The crossings by boat, often overloaded, is a dangerous one having to face rough and dangerous seas.    Large numbers are lost in their perilous endeavour. They start their journey with high spirits but engulfed with fear of the unknown. The spirits of those who are drowned, keep wandering with the waves forever, in search of their promised land."