Rio Drop
Rio Drop is a Dutch artist living in Örebro, Sweden. She chose human hair as her current tool of expression in installations. Her thoughts are cruising around the building ups of identities:
If you look closely you might read these stories of becoming and reflecting in hair. They are communicated through constant adding, removing and letting be. The reader might need prior knowledge to read the current state, but will always read something, though it may be not always what was meant to be said.
In the Mahalla Share House Rio Drop is displaying Hair-Portraits.
Personality Portraits We wear our personal narrative on our head. Information about who we are and who we have been is stored in the DNA in our hair. We alter its characteristics to our liking to communicate the way we see ourselves, who we want to be or where we belong. We are ever changing and we shape our appearance accordingly. We might at some point decide to cut all ties to leave the past behind, or to surrender to the way life shapes us.
The artist will install a bathroom installation in the Palazzo.
Untitled (The Bathroom) The bathroom is a place of physical care taking. It is a place of retreat, were in the safety of privacy one cleans the body and rinses of the masks worn to adapt to public situations. It is therefore also a place of self-confrontation; the bathroom leaves no possibility to deny realities of the body. Normative imperfections or shortcomings must be dealt with or nursed. Physical conditions, changes or insecurities must be faced.