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So Far Till Now – Sofa(R) on the Way

Mahalla Palimpsest etkinlik programı/ Events

Fung İstanbul, Çocuklarla atölye çalışması, 4.9.22, 18:00 01.09.22, Perşembe Açılış ve Resepsiyon Açılış, 18:00 Özel Kurtuluş Rum İlköğretim Okulu, Istanbul   Sergi Serginin süresi –…


Location: Kurtuluş Greek School 01.09.2022, 7:00 pm Concert From life to nature, From nature to life… Yaşamdan Doğaya, Doğadan Yaşama.... FUNGISTANBUL is a trio that…

The Mahalla Festival 2021

The Mahalla Festival 2021 took place titled Murmuration from 8 to 25 September. The main venue of the festival was Yeldegirmeni Sanat Merkezi, located on…

Mobilistan On Tour/ Mobilistan Yollarda

The State of Mobilistan hit the road and is on its way to Istanbul. The first state on the territory of a vehicle…

Murmuration, a concept

This eclectic Arts Festival is in it's last days and is a must! The Mahallah Festival is stunningly organised and curated by Sabine Küper-Büsch and…

Movies of Ammar Alhamidi

Ammar Alhamidi is Syrian artist living in Turkey as a refugee. His interest in various art forms is expressed not only through involvement in the…

Mobilistan Tour Dates