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AUG 28 - SEP 10 - 2022
Mahalla Palimpsest focuses on cultural diversity and biodiversity.

[ Palimpsest ]

The Mahalla Festival is on the move again. We will meet in Istanbul soon. The palimpsest, our theme, implies ambiguity, multilingualism, interdisciplinary, exploration, re-design, interactivity and, above all, togetherness.

A Palimpsest is originally a manuscript or piece of writing material on which the original writing has been effaced to make room for later writing but of which traces remain. The Palimpsest metaphor is used in the context of Mahalla 2022 to indicate scripted and unscripted knowledge, polyphonic political, social, and cultural discourses and patterns. In the frame of the Mahalla Festival, artists are working in different districts and regions on artistic productions. The term points to the reality of urban structures visible in remains of human consumption: remains, leftovers, waste, garbage, ruins, and scraps, but also visible in the reproduction of the construction of “the other” in gender and minority roles, the treatment of non-humans and the environment.

The Mahalla Festival 2022 aims to corrupt dominant discourses and motivates artists to offer forensic views and cause narrative cracks. The Festival invites artists, curators, and visitors to produce different stories and to create new factual as well as symbolic spaces to destabilize common questionable narratives.

Mahalla Palimpsest also draws attention to the value of our everyday objects and their recyclability and upcyclability, as well as the connection between caring for the environment and other humanitarian values. What is left behind, overlooked, and forgotten becomes the playful and critical center of the artistic examination.


This year, Mahalla brings together over 40 artists from 15 countries to work together in Istanbul, creating international participation that goes far beyond that. One of the main venues will be the Greek Elementary School in Kurtuluş, Istanbul.

[ Former Greek School - Venue in Kurtuluş ]

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