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[ Program ]

Preliminary program. Changes reserved. Come back and check out the up dates of the program of the Mahalla festival Nov 17 – Nov 25

Babylon Talk

Exhibition Opening, 5:00 pm

Studio 87, Liesse, Valletta



Raziye Kubat, Muhabbet- Conversation between friends

Room-Installation, Rakı-Table in memoriam of Katrin, Yusuf, who wasn’t called

Duration of the Exhibition by Raziye Kubat at Studio 87 – November 17 – 25

Zabbar’s Calling Citta Hompesch

Opening, 12:00 pm

Palazzo in Zabbar – Former Police Station

Triq is Sanrwarju 51, Zabbar


Antonio Cosentino (TR), Portable– Leather-Suitcase, Objects. Doris Schamp (AUT), Displaced Charakters. Eda Gecikmez (TR), The Memory of the Bird– installation: fabric-mural, drawings and objects. Güneş Terkol (TR), Whispering Tulle, Curtain-Installation. Margerita Pulé (MLT),The Cement Bakery – Installation: A selection of breads made with flour & cement. Ludivine Thomas (FR/SWE), Pop up installation, 16 square-meters. Mark Andersson, Dancing Feet –Sculpture, Paintings. Sara Pace (MLT), Traces of a Sleeping Beauty– Gold-Threads and Spray. Victor Aguis (MLT), Ritual Columns. Installation with historical Fiesta columns. Mathilde Melek An (FR/TR), Golddess-Performance during the opening, Projection of the Golddess Performance in Mexico. Rio Drop, Bathroom, Installation, Objects, Hair-sculptures. Benny Andersson (SWE), Memories like stones. Tom van Malderen (BEL/MLT), Tables for the 1%, Utopian Nights Photo Studio – Elise Billiard (MLT/FR), Jeremy Mangion (MLT), Malik Yahia (SD/MLT).

Launch of the Permanent Video-Installation in cooperation with MUZA in The FC St. Patrick Club. 53-63 Is – Santwarju, Ħaż-Żabbar, Malta

Bjørn Melhus (DE), I’m Not the Enemy. Andrew Cagle (USA), I Am No Bird. David Siegel (US) Refugees Welcome, Alaa Hamameh (PL/SYR/DE), A Suitcase Memory. Letta Shtohryn (UKR/MLT), Another. A story of self-exile. Charlie Cauchi  (MLT), Hanina.

Exhibition duration: Nov 18 – 24


1:00 pm – Narrating Zabbar

Video-Workshop is collecting stories in the city and at the Venue

Gathering at the Social Club


Open Mic

At 3 pm Nov 18

Inizjamed invites you for the 30th Open Mic. They are joining the Mahalla Festiva at the Palazzo in Zabbar. Your poem or story will echo around the four walls and other people’s arts will be your audience too.

The special guest will be Stephen Lughermo, who this week has been awarded one of the National Book Prizes for his book “Jarmuk”.


Mahalla Relocated in Malta

Press Conference, 11:00 am

MUZA, Auberge D’Italie, Merchants St, Valletta



Worstward No – Mahalla Share House

Exhibition, Artist Interviews, Performance, 1:00 pm

Fortress Builders, St. Mark St, Valletta

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

(Samuel Becket, Worstward Ho, 1983)

Interviews with artists, Coffee, Tea, Wine and Finger-Food, 1:00 pm

Artist Talk with Murat Germen (TR), Raphael Vella (MLT), Peter Eckström (SE), Doris Schamp (AUT), Kristina Borg (MLT), Anna Banout (PL/SYR), Moderation: Margerita Pulé (MLT), 2:30 pm

Topic: Conflicting Territories-How do you cope as an artist with the current dispersal of living spheres regarding urban spaces, identities and globalization.


Ground Floor

Erkan Özgen (TR), Purple Muslin, Video

3ed Floor – Foyer

Darrin Zammit Lupi (MLT), Dispatches from the frontline of Fortress Europe, Photos

3ed Floor – Library

Aaron Bezzina (MLT), The Hand-necklace (Choker), The Cruci-hammer, new edition. Cansu Çakar, Calligraphy-Drawings, Holy Tulip. Doris Schamp (AUT), La Razzia, Cartoon-Label, Drawings, Objects. Elise Billiard and Alberto Favaro (MLT/FR), Heterotopolis, Installation. Güneş Terkol (TR), Whispering Tulle,Tulle, mixed Material. Mario Sammut (MLT), Journey of Hopes; Spirits of the Waves, Sculptures, Mixed Materials. Mathilde Melek An (FR/TR), Photos: the MM-circle, Raisin objects in a toolbox, Porcelain Leg. Murat Germen (TR), Skira Monograph, New Turkey monograph from MASA, Photo-Prints. Peter Eckström (SWE). Kristina Borg (MLT), YOU ARE WHAT YOU BUY by Miss K. Raphael Vella (MLT), A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, Collage, Various Objects. Rio Drop (NL/SWE), Hair Portraits. Robert Rüf (AUT), Coat Rack Laika. Sara Olausson (SWE), Felicia, Cartoon about a Rumanian migrant in Sweden, Comic-Book, A3 Prints. Zübeyde Hamurcu (TR), Floral. Calligraphic Lace-Works.

Exhibition duration Nov 19 – 24


Reception of the Mahalla Festival

Reception – 6:30 pm

MUZA, Auberge D’Italie, Merchants St, Valletta


Video Screening

Bjørn Melhus (DE), I’m Not the Enemy, Andrew Cagle (USA), I Am No Bird, Ala’ Hamameh (PL/SYR/DE), A Suitcase Memory.


Artist Talk

Video Screening and Artist Talk, 6:00 pm

MUZA, Auberge D’Italie, Merchants St, Valletta


Talk and Screenings with

Hamza Kırbaş (TR), Today a refugee, tomorrow a tourist. Today a tourist tomorrow a refugee
Kamen Stoyanov (BUL/AUT), Shadow-plays
Katharina Swoboda (AUT), Yogyakarta-Vienna



Floating Imagery

Opening, 7:30 pm

Valletta Contemporary, Il-Belt Valletta, Valletta



Fikret Atay (TR), Launch of the Video The Flood

Video: The Flood, 2018; Theorists,2008; Photograph: Country for Old Man, 2010

Exhibition duration  – November 20 – 30


Searching Traces

Screening, 6:30 pm

MUZA, Auberge D’Italie, Merchants St, Valletta


Selection of short movies from the Mahalla Video Workshop

Screening-event of short films produced by the Mahalla Video-workshop in Malta during 2018, public discussion.

With movies by Mohamed Ibrahim, Pawlos Yawhons, Heidi de Carlo, Maebel Mehari and others.


Who are you going to believe – me or your eyes?

Round Table, 6:30 pm

MUZA, Auberge D’Italie, Merchants St, Valletta

This key quote from the film ‘Duck Soup’, a comedy by the Marx Brothers on crisis and war of a banana republic, tackles a mayor problem of the current production of truth and its representation. Together with guests Maren Richter discusses and experiments on the discourse of ‘urgencies’ in an age of hyper-realities, a condition in which what is real and what is fiction are seamlessly blended together so that there is no clear distinction between where one ends and the other begins. Especially since 2015 migration and border control have brought forth a militant imagery – the fabrication of a narrative of evidence – which aims to represent ‚urgencies’ and legitimizes radical dehumanising actions.

What role can art, exhibitions and art institutions take to create counter-narratives of mainstream debates and their politics of truth in order to produce a productive force, a space of negotiation that reconfigures that ‘me’ and ‘your eyes’ even, which the quote from ‚Duck Soup’ is talking about?

Can we (still) hijack dominant discourses? Produce narrative rifts? Offer forensic views or assert presence by absence? How can we speak of and think about the conjunctures of ‚crisis’? And narrate different stories to call attention to new factual spaces as well as symbolic spaces produced by manifestations of de-stabalizing a grand narrative?


With: Charlie Cauchi (artist, filmmaker and historian), Sandra Dabono (art historian), Maren Richter (curator and researcher), Chakib Zidi (choreographer and dancer)/Dali Agrebi (performer and activist).


Between the Lines

Reading, Round Table and Presentation, 6:30 pm

MUZA, Auberge D’Italie, Merchants St, Valletta


Reading by Antoine Cassar (MLT) about language, identity and boundlessness. Introduction of the Passport Project.

Jean-Paul Borg (MLT), Reading

Lilian Pithan (D) and Ramy Al Asheq, Weiter Schreiben Jetzt and FANN magazine.


African Diaspora Cinema

Screening, 6:30 pm

MUZA, Auberge D’Italie, Merchants St, Valletta


Screening events of a selection of contemporary Cinema from the African Diaspora selected by Filmmaker Fide Dayo and the Villa Romana, Florence.


Final Event

7:00 pm

Chinese Garden of Serenity, Ġnien is-Serenità Triq, Santa Luċija


Talks, Music, Performance, Drinks in cooperation with Utopian Nights at the Chinese Garden of Serenity.


[ Venues ]

Find the Location

The displayed art works, performances, installations, screenings, readings and talks will reflect aspects of inclusion, borders, hospitality and hostility and intercultural communication. The main venues are the art museum MUZA, Fortress Builders, Studio 87, Valletta Contemporary and a Palazzo in Zabbar (former police station of Zabbar during the British colonial times).