Victor Agius
The practice of the Gozotian artist consists of performance, installation, sculpture and painting. At its core, it concerns his work with formless matter. Agius examines the formless matter proper to his own experience of the environment –either randomly or carefully selected sites with their distinctive ecological and archeological features– which all finds its roots in the earth or soil-derived organic materials (raw clay, for instance, beside natural pigments, oils and acrylics). This has allowed him to produce a body of work through which to reflect upon the subject of human existence in general and the limits of his own existence in particular.   For the Mahalla Festival he discovered historical columns for Festas on the island in Gozo. He chose them as objects for an installation in the Palazzo due to a prior visit there, where he had noticed green pop-up-Paper used by the local band clubs in the courtyard during Festas.