Ludivine Thomas
Artist, Art Historian
The French artist lives and works in Örebro Sweden. She focuses through her artwork on the fragilities of existence. She wants to highlight the distress our societies produce towards so called “dysfunctionalities.”

Ludivine is participating with two works she’s describing:

The self-reflective sunglasses: To see the deep.

When people wear the glasses, they see the reflect of their own eyes and metaphorically can look deep inside themselves. These sunglasses are considered a "tool" to find one's own deep self, and then never lose the path. This artwork is a tribute to Agueli's concept of "personal sun-shining” in every artist. Being an immigrant, being a female artist, with modest origins, make me face a lot of obstacles all the time. This piece is an expression of a need of constantly self-reconnection to keep myself going.


This art installation relates to immigration experiences in general and questions the task of "mobility" for contemporary artists due to be recognized in the art world. I created an installation that is totally foldable and portable from place to place. It is a piece of “transportable art”, “adaptable art”, “fast-installed art”, an answer to a fictive nomad-artist’s needs. The sculptures are on one side representing clouds, and on the other side piles of stones. The visitor will first see a room looking like a sky. They will have the possibility to walk through the clouds, metaphorically flying. When the visitors will walk back to the door they will see the back of the sculptures: stones. Back to earth. Back home.