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mahalla events


Location: Kurtuluş Greek School

01.09.2022, 7:00 pm


From life to nature, From nature to life…
Yaşamdan Doğaya, Doğadan Yaşama….

FUNGISTANBUL is a trio that plays with instruments made from waste materials. The project was born in 2014 and they started working with recycled instruments in 2019. Roni Aran, Serhat Ayebe and Herman Artuç wanted to create awareness about the dangers of climate change, and nowadays they’re inspiring people with their music to recover the natural order of life. Their last album, called Trash Oriental, was released in 2022 and they received very good feedback from people who are sensitive to ecology and the environment. Fungistanbul comes from the word fungi, which in Latin means mushroom, as these living things are really important to decompose dead plants and animal residues, allowing nutrients to return to the ecosystem.

Live Stream September 1





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