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Installation by Rakel Vella in and around the Qalet Marku Tower

Rakel Vella has been exploring the duality of protection and surveillance that the Tower has provided over centuries. The ‘watchfulness’ potentially also relates to the vigilance required for the preservation of historical landmarks and vulnerable natural ecosystems, drawing a parallel between the historical use of the Tower for coastal defence and its modern ‘defensive’ role in conservation. However, blind spots are also exposed; while certain areas are under strict watch, those that do not merit such attention, suffer neglect.

Her installation is part of Beyond What Drifts Us Apart, and a collaboration between Unfinished Art Space and the Istanbul-based Diyalog.

The site-specific installation will be realized in the frame of a residency program by MagiC Carpets. MagiC Carpets is a Creative Europe platform uniting 21 European cultural organizations that create opportunities for emerging artists to embark on journeys to unknown lands and to create, together with local artists and local communities, new works that highlight local specificities. Unfinished Art Space is partner of the network and nominated Rakel to participate in Beyond What Drifts Us Apart.

Her participation is cofounded by Arts Council Malta, and supported by Din l-Art Ħelwa.

Please be advised that photographs and videos will be taken at the event for use on our website and in the press, our marketing materials, and all other publications.

By entering this event, you consent to the photographing, filming and using your image and likeness.

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