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17 NOV 2018

Generating New Narratives

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Displacement Under the Pandemic:

  2020-2021 Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival   Due to the pandemic, the yearly-run Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival in Cyprus has launched its online…

A bicycle ride from Berlin to Rome

  In May this year the Berlin based artist Susanne Bosch was invited to the Villa Massimo in Rome for a seven-week practice scholarship. Due…

Searching Traces

  Community Video Workshop   Within the Mahalla Festival in times of COVID-19 we are organizing under the title Searching Traces a community video workshop…

I am still here, Hala Buradayım

  Video by Sabine Küper-Büsch & Thomas Büsch, Istanbul, 2020 Hala burada mısın? Bunalmadın mı? Are you still here? Aren't you fed up? Bunaltı arkamdan fısıltılar...Bunalma, bağımlı…

Maltarti TV 2020

  Interview for Maltese TV with Sabine Küper-Büsch and Thomas Büsch about the Mahalla Festival, the Community Video Workshop and how to cope with the…

Living Room Session | Hello Psychaleppo

June 25, 2020, 7 PM UTC Tune in for this live set from sound artist Hello Psychaleppo presented in partnership with MARSM. In this Living…

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee…

  #anarchyzen is a Streetartist living and working in Turkey. #anarchyzen produced two works around the Killing of George Floyd by Police Forces and the…

African Diaspora Cinema online

The Faith of Festivals in Times of COVID-19   Already in its fourth year, the African Diaspora Cinema Festival (ACDF) was originally scheduled to run…

The Barn – A Reflection of the Present

  Since May 20, 2020, the Berlin based Meyer Riegger Gallery is presenting the work of painter and installation artist Franz Ackermann entitled "Die Scheune/The…

Art Beyond the Divide

  The hand is taking from the universe and gives back…   The documentary film “Art Beyond the Divide” retraces the steps and actions taken…