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mahalla events

Antennae for a New Frontier

Location: Peninsula Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq at the Qalet Marku Tower

25. / 26. November

Samuel Ciantar


Samuel has spent time exploring the potential of intangible networks and their inherent characteristics, aiming to understand how they coexist and interact within the specific context of the Tower. Adopting a multidimensional approach and making use of field studies, observations, and collaborative research with professionals, he investigates the intricate dynamics between the physical landscape, humans and more unseen relationships. His physical manifestations of these intangible networks are dotted around the Tower area, partly hidden from view and embedded within the environment, but starkly present nonetheless.

The sculptures introduce other ways of how we might come to understand and interact with the Tower and its landscape; suggesting new frontiers for reconnection.

The the site-specific installation will be realized in the frame of a residency program by MagiC Carpets. MagiC Carpets is a Creative Europe platform uniting 21 European cultural organizations that create opportunities for emerging artists to embark on journeys to unknown lands and to create, together with local artists and local communities, new works that highlight local specificities. Unfinished Art Space, Malta is a partner of the network and nominated Samuel to participate in Beyond What Drifts Us Apart.


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