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Turkish Han and Funduq


Presentation of the research Nation 25 did in Istanbul regarding the Turkish Han or Funduq as location for hosting.

SARA ALBERANI and ELENA ABBIATICI are curators and co-founders of Nation 25. Nation 25 refers to the 25th nation on Earth, an imaginative nation that really exists, constituted by 60 million individuals that have fled their country or are displaced from their homes due to war and racial and gender violence.

Nation25 is an art platform that seeks to shine a light on the experience of migration, marginality and invisibility, and what they activate. It intends to generate a dialogue between artists, curators, humanitarian, activists, both refugees and not.

During the 57th Venice Biennial this year the Nationless Pavilion reactivated the network that has developed over the centuries in the Mediterranean through an exchange of thought and not thanks to monetary economics. For a re-reading of the background between past history and future perspective.

In Venice there were the national fondaci, and the public ones used for food and goods for the population. The three national fondaci – German, Turkish and Persian – that are today used for different purposes – lead them to territories still heavily affected by the phenomenon of migration. Their relationship was extended by the Nationless Pavilion to the three related Official Pavilions in the Biennale.

Read more about the research and the project in Venice.


Italian Cultural Institute, September 21, 3:00 pm



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