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mahalla events

I spilt myself to be equal

Today we will open the exhibition I split myself to be equal by Sherine Anis and The loose power by Ibrahim Koc at the Austrian Cultural Forum as the last event of the Mahalla festival taking palce in the frame of parallel events of the 15th Istanbul Biennial.

Sherine’s exhibition I spilt myself to be equal reflects what does identity do for you.  Sherine was artist-in-residence in Istanbul of the program of the chancellor of Austria in spring 2017. Her skylptures produced during her stay in Istanbul are about finding balance in fragile uncertain times where the world can easily out of any balance. Not only in conflict zones but everywhere in the world.

A feeling many immigrants are experiencing on their journey and in exile – but also the citizen in the host countries do. A world of polarization is the result.

These were the reason why we organized the Mahalla festival that took place in the last 2 weeks. The festival became was a gathering of cultural workers, artists and cultural initiatives from 14 countries exchanging their experiences and hopes regarding migration, exile and cultural identity.

This initiative will continue in future and will establish a network in Europe and beyond.

An application form must be filled in per person online to participate at the opening. For safety reasons, a valid photo ID (ID) is required at the entrance. Please register online.-

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