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mahalla events

Floating Imagery

Valletta Contemporary

Opening, 20.11.18, 7:30 pm

Video Installation

Fikret Atay (TR), Video: The Flood, Theorists, Photograph: Country for Old Man

The exhibition Floating Imagery displays three works by the artist.

The Flood” (2018) is the Title of the latest Work by Fikret Atay. The artist left his hometown Batman in 2017 to settle to Örebro in Sweden, 200 Kilometers West of Stockholm. The Video was produced in Gotland, an island in the Baltic Sea and the new residence of many refugees in Sweden.

The Video “Theorists” (2008) was produced in a religious school in the Southeast of Turkey, where boys have to learn the writings of the Koran by heart.

The photographic work, “The Country for old man” (2010) is inspired by the militarism in the area Atay is coming from, which is lasting since generations. 

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