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mahalla events

Between the Lines


On November 23 the Mahalla Festival presented at MuzaBetween the Lines about literatur and mobility with Antoine Cssar, Jean-Paul Borg, Lilian Pithan and Ramy Al-Asheq.

Reading by Antoine Cassar (MLT) about language, identity and boundlessness. Introduction of the Passport Project.

Jean-Paul Borg (MLT), Reading

Lilian Pithan (D) and Ramy Al-Asheq (Syr), Weiterschreiben Jetzt and FANN Magazine

Moderation: Thomas Büsch


Lilian Pithan and Ramy Al-Asheq introduce the German based projects Weiterschreiben Jetzt and Fann Magazine. Leaving home does not only mean leaving a specific culture or lifestyle behind but also language, identity and a career.

Weiterschreiben Jetzt (Writing On)  wants to open the door into the German literary economy and provide a one-on-one professional and literary exchange between the authors writing for the project and their German colleagues.

Fann Magazine is a cultural online magazine in German and Arabic published in Germany.

Passport by Antoine Cassar is a protest poem denouncing a long, non-exhaustive list of border absurdities and atrocities, nested inside a love poem to humanity as a naturally migrating species. It is one of Antoine Cassar’s most important poetic works to date printed in the form of an anti-passport for all peoples and all landscapes, has been published and presented in several languages, in dozens of venues in Europe, Asia and North America, with profits donated to local associations providing assistance to refugees and asylum seekers.

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