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The Wandering Tower – Virtual Exhibition


Online Event


We were presenting a virtual photography exhibition on the occasion of Contemporary Istanbul with art works by Yasin Baran, Mehmet Kaçmaz and Che Seibert related to the theme and the metaphor of The Wandering Tower.


Contemporary Istanbul is the leading annual art fair in Turkey and takes place 2020 as online fair from December 21, 2020 to January 6, 2021 under the title Virtual Contemporary Istanbul. The physical edition of Contemporary Istanbul will take place in the spring of 2021.

Three photographers from Turkey and Germany – Yasin Baran, Mehmet Kaçmaz and Che Seibert – were participating with works corresponding to the motif of The Wandering Tower. Indeed, aware of the topic and the context behind it, they have shared with us various photographs from diverse locations around the world with their own characteristics, realities and absurdities and are interpreting The Wandering Tower metaphor in all its aspects.


  • Yasin Baran, Baranogram 1
  • Yasin Baran, Baranogram 2
  • Yasin Baran, Baranogram 4

Using the two-century old chemical-based method as a starting point for his project, Yasin Baran is defending a process he sees as a “real” ritual which he respects and praises, unfortunately slowly disappearing in the digital world. Entitled as “Baranogram“, he will exhibit photographic prints based on photos he has made in the past, produced in a special designed darkroom and therefore unique as they are impossible to reproduce. The series is uncovering his passion for photography and mysteriously represent forms and shadows giving free rein to our imagination.


  • Mehmet Kaçmaz, Last Valley
  • Mehmet Kaçmaz, Urban Phantasy
  • Mehmet Kaçmaz, Urban Phantasy
  • Mehmet Kaçmaz, Urban Phantasy
  • Mehmet Kaçmaz, Urban Phantasy
  • Mehmet Kaçmaz, Urban Phantasy
  • Mehmet Kaçmaz, Urban Phantasy

Highly interested in the usage of Documentary Photography, Mehmet Kaçmaz is introducing us to photographs that are playing with fantasy and reality. The colours that pop out and mark every component of the “landscape” create extreme contrasts for the gaze and the understanding or interpretation of the work. Working as freelance photographer and teacher, his approach to people and their distorted environment are represented on a disturbing but highly interesting way.


  • Che Seibert, Nahe Warendorf
  • Che Seibert, Oberbayern
  • Che Seibert, Wuppertal
  • Che Seibert, Ostsachsen
  • Che Seibert, Hohenlohe
  • Che Seibert, Wuppertal
  • Che Seibert, Nahe Mörnsheim

Che Seibert is a German photographer from Wuppertal who is approaching the theme of The Wandering Tower in a more “concrete” way. One could imagine him travelling through the German countryside in search of – or randomly discovering – these unusual towers which incarnate different customs and uses of our human species. Some photos also showing the neutrality of some landscapes which could be everywhere in the world…


  • Yasin Baran, Baranogram 3
  • Yasin Baran, Baranogram 5

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