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Movies of Ammar Alhamidi

Ammar Alhamidi is Syrian artist living in Turkey as a refugee. His interest in various art forms is expressed not only through involvement in the cinematography, but also photography, writing screenplays, video editing.

He is keen on music – learning how to play percussion, oud (lute) and producing an electronic music.

As an author of two interesting movies, he emphasises his commitment and passion for art.

First movie, called the “Focus Point” (Odak Noktasi) brings the story of the “grey man” out to light. A man who creates his own world, and through underground performing can express himself. The camera is used as a tool to dig into the underground world and discover it.

The second movie is called “The Lonely Tree”. It is an artistic presentation of of human journey toward his own salvation – the body and the soul journey.

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