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Collaged City

Collaged City

Drawing and Installation by Nora Byrne at the courtyard. A presentation by the artist about her installation of paper collected in the neighborhood on a wall…

Mahalla Palimpsest etkinlik programı/ Events

Fung İstanbul, Çocuklarla atölye çalışması, 4.9.22, 18:00 01.09.22, Perşembe Açılış ve Resepsiyon Açılış, 18:00 Özel Kurtuluş Rum İlköğretim Okulu, Istanbul   Sergi Serginin süresi –…

The Wandering Tower: Language, Space and Time

  Art Walk, Live Streaming   25.12.2020, 12pm Istanbul Time (GMT+3)     During this walk in the Sultan Selim Mahallesi in Istanbul, 4. Levent,…

The Wandering Tower by Sergej Prokofiev is the Motive of the next Mahalla Festival

  The inspiration for the topic is a piece of Literature with its own miracle story. "The Wandering Tower" is a surrealist short story by…