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Shahzad Mudasir

Shahzad Mudasir

Jun 2018

Shahzad Mudasir is a Human and Women’s rights activist, Social/Humanitarian worker and Language Instructor born and raised in Afghanistan, Social Sciences Graduate student based in Istanbul. He has been working with multicultural and very diverse teams with National and International NGOs on several projects like Child Protection Project for Syrian non-Syrian Refugees/Immigrants implemented by Save the Children International and Zeytinburnu Municipality funded by PRM, Prospects of Economic Purposes Project for Refugees, and Host Community funded by GIZ and many more.

Shahzad is very passionate about helping people in need, has been part of several researches/studies about Refugees/Migrants and their inclusion in the Turkish society.

He has been engaging in Psycho-social and cultural activities, seminars, trainings and Language Exchanges.
He is interested in Arts and Culture, Photography/Videography, Dance and Poetry.

Instagram: @shazo_o
LinkedIn: @shahzad-mudasir


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