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mahalla events


Mar 2021


If you go up the Kamondo stairs, the  Schneidertempel (tailor’s temple) is on the right between the Banker Sokak and the Felek Sokak.

Most of the Ashkenazi Jews in Istanbul in the 21st century were working as tailors. The Ashkenazi Tailors Union opened the “Tofre Begadim” Tailors Synagogue on September 8, 1894. It was run as a Synagoge until 1964 and reopened as an Art exhibition space in 1999 with an international Cartoon exhibition around the topic Faith.

The Schneidertempel will host the Concert “All Jewish” by Solo Gitarist Lucian Plessner on 14th of September 2021. A selection of classical Music from Jewish composers from the past 1000 years. The musician was already performing during the Mahalla Festival 2020, which had the theme “The wandering Tower”. The Festival was quoting a Surrealist short story by Sergej Prokofjev written in 1918 in the last year of WWI.



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